You understand the importance of hosting sales calls that convert into dream clients - but there's a HUGE problem.
The problem is... you are uncomfortable LEADING the call...and it's keeping you from closing the sale. 

You're uncomfortable selling, because you're afraid of rejection and don't want to be judged.
Imagine hopping on your next sales call and knowing exactly what to say to get a "YES!" 
How would life feel if you hopped on your next sales call with clarity, confidence, and peace - because you know exactly what to say so that you easily book your dream clients into your packages every week.

Picture yourself sitting down to serve clients that you love because you made a real connection and know exactly what their pain is - all from a super simple, empowering sales conversation. 

Imagine the feeling of popping open your email to see an inbox FULL of signed contracts and paid invoices.
  • Finally use the exact language to empathize with your ideal client's problems on the sales call, which means you can book out your biz faster.
  • Have clarity and a sense of peace around the dreaded money conversation. 
  • Create an instant connection as soon as you hop on the phone that naturally creates space for your future clients to tell you what's really bothering them.
  • ​Start closing clients consistency so that you have peace of mind. 
  • Feel empowered to talk about your value - and not worry about negotiating or discounting your prices.
Unlike other systems and templates you may have seen, this simple sales system comes with everything you need to master sales - objection scripts, follow up scripts, and more - without feeling yucky or like you're on a car lot.
You deserve to have your dream clients nodding along with you on your sales calls so that you have a booked-out business.

WHAT's included
  • Simple, easy to follow SALES SCRIPTS that tell you exactly what to say and ask, and when
  • ​Objection templates​so that you're never stuck when they need to check with their dog before hiring you.
simple, actionable tools
  • A framework that allows you to BUILD MORE TRUST IN LESS TIME 
  • Expect sales calls to be easy - as in your potential clients feel heard and seen.
solid sales structure
  • One of the most common objections I hear as a business strategist - "I just don't know what to say." - well, now you do.
  • Finally know what you need to say at any point on the call - including when it's not a fit.
 Never again lose your appetite or get
heart palpitations thinking about 
brining up money on a sales call.
Become a sales rockstar.
  • A clear outline of exactly how to speak to your potential clients in a way that resonates
  • ​​Ways to overcome objections, even if they "have to think about it" 
  • ​​Tools that allow you to uncover what your potential clients really want, so you can easily show them how you can work together
  • ​Steps you can take to never lose track of another lead ever again
PLus 3 awesome bonuses
fool-proof follow up
Your answer (and link to MY personal funnel) to follow up after you get off the phone for up to 60 days.
seling high ticket offers
The exact script that I used to close $10K, $15K, and $20K contracts with ease (and get an emphatic "YES!" on the call.
lead tracking trello board
I've also created a Trello board for you to utilize to save and organize your leads, so you know who to reach out to when.
Hi there. I'm Brea.
I’m a business strategist & mentor for talented, success-driven entrepreneurs.

After 10 years spent growing my service based biz, I’ve learned exactly how frustrating it can be to function as a solopreneur, working day and night to keep up. Over time, I’ve learned how to manage a growing business, multiple revenue streams, raise my two spirited, crazy, thrill-seeking boys, while scrapping the “business as usual” trade of hours for dollars – I’ve mastered how to make more money, while working less.

It’s time for you to decide what you really want this year. Perhaps you want your bank account to have more money than you can spend so you never have to dread your credit card's statement balance emails.

Or spend more time doing what it is you really love, whether that’s time with your family, learning how to finally play the piano, traveling on the regular, and/or never missing your kid's class parties like I used to - you decide.

If you want to know that all of your late nights and all of the agonizing over your dream business was worth it - I'm here to tell you that it was... or will be.
“One word..AMAZING! Brea was introduced to me by a very successful influencer who told me, “If you want to take your business to the next level, Brea is the real deal!” That’s all I needed to hear to get an email in her inbox right away.

“The next week we were off and running! Brea doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to telling you the truth about what you need to do or not do to get to where you want to go.

“Her plans are concise and she’s with you every step of the way! If you want to take your business to the next level, Brea IS the real deal.”
“I didn’t have much of a business before I started working with Brea. I had been freelancing here and there but I didn’t have a plan, direction, or even an idea of the type of client I wanted to work with.

Everything changed after working with Brea.

First of all, I have this confidence that I’ve never had before in my work and in my capability to be an entrepreneur. I saw it as a real possibility for me, and I was able to create that with Brea’s coaching.

I have signed 3 clients, and I finally have a communication strategy and I keep getting referrals from friends and previous clients!”
“Breanna has been my right-hand gal helping me organize my business. Moolah would not be the company it is today if it weren’t for her helping create the foundations. 

With her on my team we have seen the businesses we help, just explode in their reach, and our profits have increased by more than 300% with that increase directly correlated to tasks and projects Breanna managed.

Breanna Gunn was instrumental in helping me build my business into the seven figures. She is not lying when she says she has done it and I can’t wait to see all the other businesses she will whip into shape.”
Rachel Miller,
Moolah Marketing
“I worked with Breanna for a little over 6 months, and it was an amazing experience.

Working with Brea felt like having someone on my side all the time – to not only cheer me on, but keep me accountable at all times.

The most valuable aspect of having Brea as my own personal business coach were the BIG insights it got me – about myself, my business, working with clients, and the world of online business in general.

I’m glad to have you in my life Brea, here’s to many more years of that!”
Sandrine Coosemans, 
“Brea is one of the those people that the Universe gave me a gift my allowing her in my life. 

As a lawyer, writer and speaker, most of my work lives online. And as a creative, I get lost in the details. 

My business and overall life is able to function & thrive bc of what Brea brings to the table.”
lindsey andrews, lindsey andrews attorney at law
Brea is AWESOME! 

Worth every penny and then some. I can’t recommend her highly enough. 

She has that rare combo of experience and strategic mindset that can produce tangible, money-making results.
tania taylor griffis, the creative wheelhouse
I am truly BLESSED to have Breanna coaching me through my business transition. 

I was stuck in that client project to project cycle never making time to build out my own product & launch plan.

The mental mindset changes I’ve gone through since we started have been huge. I could finally see my own value and strengths. 

It’s been an amazing process! Thank you, Brea!
Christine Jerry, THe Virtual Collab
You're ready for simple sales accelerator if you are...
  • Passionate about your business and ready operate with ease.
  • Done making excuses to your family about when your business is going to really “take off”.
  • ​Sick of seeing others in your industry being more successful than you.
  • ​If you've been wondering what you're missing.
  • ​Ready for it to be easier.
  • ​Willing to go all in.
you're not ready for simple sales accelerator if you're...
  • Deep down you don’t believe you’re cut out for this business.
  • ​You are skeptical that no one will pay for your services.
  • ​You’re not an action-taker.
  • ​You are not willing to show up AND connect with authenticity.
  • You don't think winning the trust of your clients is important.
I’m a small business owner just like you. I understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in a digital product. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something that should have been a blog post.

I’m extremely proud of the products I create and I know anyone who buys them and implements the strategy will be thrilled with their purchase.

That’s why I’m offering a 30-day money back guarantee. While I can’t guarantee that the calendar will quadruple your social media engagement or followers or dollar bills, I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of the calendar and the time and stress it will save you.

Of course, If you’re not happy with the calendar, I will refund your money within 30 days of your purchase.
What’s standing in the way of you finally getting new clients on the regular and no longer worrying that this whole entrepreneur thing isn't going to workout? You need a formula, a template that works so that you can book out your calendar and have the confidence to charge your worth.
I know templates don't make a business - heck, I've been very, very vocal about that. Relationships with your potential clients do. That's why I designed and based this training on how to hold empathetic, honest sales conversations. You need to prioritize empathy, understanding, and real connection, instead of hopping on discovery calls without a plan.
When you click the "Yes, I want this!" button below, you’ll be brought to a checkout page where you can enter in your payment information directly.

This is a special offer and will be going up in price soon. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.
What if I just started my biz?
That's EXACTLY why I've created these sales call templates. You can just plug and play - I made sure that they're super easy to customize.
What if I just need  more practice on sales calls?
I totally get it - practice makes perfect. But it's a whole lot easier to improve and increase your close rate if you have a system that works, a script that actually converts, and a way to track everything. 
I hate using scripts - do I have to?
I get it - scripts can be a hindrance when they're used incorrectly (or you've been using the wrong one). I promise that with practice, you won't need the script anymore - think of it as training wheels. Trust me, when you close your first few sales using it - it will be worth the small price of $27.
When do I get access to all the stuff, Brea?
You will receive an email immediately after your purchase, giving you the link to access your membership portal with all of the files and videos.
What if I decide that this isn't for me?
I stand by my 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. No worries. BUT, I will also tell you that I'm obsessed with bringing the best product to market that I can - have a suggestion? Let me customize the product for YOUR NEEDS.
What if I need professional help?
You're in luck! I specialize in strategy, coaching, consulting and have an awesome team to get things done FOR you. I'm easily reached via email at brea@breannagunn.com.
Master your sales conversations and get more "yeses" NOW.
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